Celebrity List

I considered myself a very lucky person to have been given the life I’m living,
there are so many wonderful people to meetOne of the greatest things is that once I watch them on TV or at the Movies
and here they are.
What a great time and moments I have lived!
965 Celebrities that I have met in the last 55 years








Abe Vigoda Walking on 57street
Adam West Comic con
Adrianne Curry Comic con
Adrienne Barbeau Chiller
Aida Turturro Chiller
Al Pacino 92Y
Alan Colmes NBC Building
Alan King In a limo on sixth ave,smoking a cicar
Aldo Matta MSG concerts
Alexis Cruz Winter con
Ali Macgraw Chiller
Alice Cooper Chiller
Alice Krige Chiller
Alison Arngrim Chiller
Alison Lohman Monster Mania
Ally Sheedy Monster Mania
Alyssa Milano Macys
Amanda Bearse Chiller
Amanda Pays Monster Mania
Amy Locane Monster Mania
Anders Hove Chiller
Andrew Cassese Chiller
Andrew Divoff Monster Mania
Andrew McCarthy Chiller
Andrew Robinson Chiller
Andrew Stevens Chiller and Alexanders Dept store
Andy Kaufman Bway and 45 th street
Ángel Salazar Chiller
Angela Carrasco MSG concerts
Angela Cartwright East Coast Comic
Angela Lansbury Essex House
Angelina Jolie Essex House
Ann Margret Chiller
Ann Robinson Chiller
Anna Carbonell Photo shot
Annabella Sciorra Chiller
Annabeth Gish Monster Mania
Anne-Marie Johnson Chiller
Anson Williams Chiller
Anthony Michael Hall Comic con
Antonio Fargas Chiller
Apache Ramos orchaid beach
Apollonia Kotero Chiller
Armand Asanti 58 St in a restaurant
Armin Shimerman Star Trek Con
Art Hindle Chiller
Art LaFleur Chiller
Arthur Ashe 7thAve& 55st
Audrey Landers Chiller
Austin Amelio Winter con
Austin Pendelton Chiller
Avery Brooks Star Trek Con
Bai Ling Chiller
Barbara Bains Essex House
Barbara Carrera Chiller
Barbara Eden Chiller
Barbara Feldon Chiller
Barbara Hershey Chiller
Barbara Luna Chiller
Barbara March Star Trek Con
Barbara Streisand sixth ave & 59 st
Barbi Benton Chiller
Barry Bostwick Chiller
Barry Jenner Chiller
Barry Livingston Chiller
Barry Sobel Essex House
Barry Williams Chiller
Bart Braverman 7ave
Belinda Montgomery Chiller
Belkis Concepción show
Berlinda Tolbert Chiller
Bern Nadette Stanis Chiller
Bernie Kopell Chiller
Bess Motta Essex House
Betsy Palmer World Con
Bette Midler 92nd Y
Beverly D’Angelo Essex House
Beverly Washburn Chiller
Bill Daily Chiller
Bill Gates The Barclay
Bill Moseley Monster Mania
Bill Mumy Winter con
Billy Connolly Lexington Ave & 49st
Billy Crystal 92nd Y
Billy Martin Essex House
Billy Zane Monster Mania
Bin Furuya Chiller
Bing Russell 7ave
Bizcoho”Otilio Warrington MSG concerts
Bo Hopkins Chiller
Bob Eubanks Chiller
Bob Gunton Chiller
Bobby Clark Star Trek Con
Bonnie Piesse Chiller
Boyd Banks Chiller
Brande Roderick Chiller
Brandon Routh Eternal Con
Braulio García MSG concerts
Brenda K. Starr PRDP
Brenda Strong Chiller
Brenda Vaccaro Dorset Hotel
Brent Spiner Star Trek Con
Brian Krause Chiller
Brian Tochi Chiller
Britt Ekland Chiller
Bronson Pincho Chiller
Bruce Dern Chiller
Bruce Weitz Comic con
Bryan Cranston 92y
Burgess Merideth 58 st
Burt Ward Chiller
Burt Young Chiller
Burton Glliam Chiller
Butch Patrick Chiller
C.Thomas Howell NJ Horror fest
Camilo Sesto MSG concerts
Candice Bergen 58 st
Candy Clark Chiller
Carl Weathers Monster Mania
Carla Buono Chiller
Carlos Augusto Cestero MSG concerts
Carmen Electra Chiller
Carmen Sevilla MSG concerts
Carol Lynley Chiller
Carole demas Chiller
Caroline Munro Chiller
Casey Briggs Star Trek Con
Cassandra Peterson Chiller
Catherine Bach Chiller
Catherine Hicks Star Trek Con
Catherine Mary Stewart newjerseyhorrorcon
Catherine Sutherland Eternal Con
Cathy Lee Crosby 7 ave
Cathy Moriarty Chiller
Cathy Podewell newjerseyhorrorcon
Cathy Slivers Chiller
Ceila Cruz MSG concerts
Celeste Holm World Con
Chad Coleman fpnyc
Chandler Riggs Monster Mania
Charlene Tilton Chiller
Charles Nelson Riley Rosie O’Donnell Show
Charytin Goyco MSG concerts
Chase Masterson Star Trek Con
Chazz Palminteri Saks Fifth Ave
Cheech Marin Chiller
Cher Cheryl Sarkisian 8 Ave & 55st
Cheryl Tiegs Chiller
Chris Elliott 7 Train
Chris Kattan Monster Mania
Chris Owen Chiller
Christian Louboutin Saks Fifth Ave
Christie Brinkley Chiller
Christine Elise Chiller
Christopher Douglas Reed Chiller
Christopher George Essex House
Christopher Knight Comic con
Christopher Lloyd Chiller
Christopher Serrone Chiller
Chuck Barris fifth Ave
Chuck McCann Chiller
Chuck Scarborough Madison ave
Chuck Zito Chiller
Chyna Chiller
Claudia Black Winter con
Claudia Christian Big apple Con
Claudia Wells Chiller
Coco Cabrera Madison ave
Connie Chung NBC Building
Connie Stevens Chiller
Connor Trinneer Star Trek Con
Conrad Bain Dorset Hotel
Copper Anderws Chiller
Corbin Bernsen Chiller
Craig Bierko Chiller
Craig Sheffer Chiller
Curtis Armstrong Chiller
D.B. Sweeney Chiller
Daisy Fuentes Palladium
Dalai Lama regency hotel
Dan Aykroyd Essex House
Dan Fogler Eternal Con
Dan Taylor NBC Building
Dana Barron Chiller
Dana Wheeler Nicholson Chiller
Daniel Davis Star Trek Con
Daniel Roebuck Chiller
Danielle Harris Monster Mania
Danielle Spencer Chiller
Danny Bonaduce Chiller
Danny Glover Chiller
Danny Trejo East Coast Comic
Daphne Zuniga Monster Mania
Darren McGavin 58 st
Daryl Chill Mitchell Chiller
David Della Rocco Chiller
David Faustino Chiller
David Frost Essex House
David Harris Big apple Con
David Hartman Essex House
David Hedison Bway and 45 th street
David Howard Thornton Monster Mania
David Johansen 58 st
David Naughton NJ Horror fest
David Opatoshu 58 st
David Proval Chiller
David Soul East Coast Comic
David Warner Chiller
Davy Jones Chiller
Dawn Wells East Coast Comic
Dayanara Torres 201 Cartas
Dayton Callie Chiller
Dean Butler Chiller
Dean Cain Chiller
Dean Stockwell Chiller
Debbie Gibson Chiller
Debby Boone Chiller
Deborah Foreman Chiller
Deborah Goodrich Chiller
Debra Lee Scott Essex House
Dee Dee Benrey Winter con
Dee Snider Chiller
Deep Roy Chiller
Demi Moore B&N
Demond Wilson Chiller
Denise Crosby Chiller
Dennis Haskins Chiller
Derek Mears Monster Mania
Diahann Carroll Chiller
Diana Canova Chiller
Diane Franklin NJ Horror fest
DiDi Conn Chiller
Dinah Manoff Chiller
Dirk Benedict Americana Hotel
Dolores Hart (Rev. Mother) Chiller
Dolph Lundgren Monster Mania
Dominic Chianese Chiller
Dominic Keating Star Trek Con
Dominique Swain Monster Mania
Don Adams Americana Hotel
Don Criqui NBC Building
Don Imus NBC Building
Don Marshall Chiller
Donald Gibb Chiller
Donna Pescow Chiller
Donna Rice The Barclay
Donna Summer Madison ave Sony
Donnie Wahlberg The Barclay
Donny Most Chiller
Doug Henning Bway and 45 th street
Drea de Matteo Chiller
Dudley Moore 60 st
Dustin Diamond Winter con
Dustin Hoffman 58 st
Dwight Schultz Chiller
Dyan Cannon 7 Ave & 55st
Dylan McDermott Monster Mania
Earl Monroe Big apple Con
Ed Begley Jr. chiller
Edd Byrnes chiller
Eddie Deezen chiller
Eddie Vega Iris Chacon
Edward Furlong Comic con
Edward Herrmann chiller
Eliza Dushku The Barclay
Elizabeth Ashley 8 Ave & 55st
Ellen Dubin Winter con
Ellen Travolta Chiller
Elliott Gould 8 Ave & 55st
Engie Carey fifth Ave
Eric Pierpoint Chiller
Eric Roberts NJ Horror con
Erick Avari Comic con
Erik Estrada Chiller
Erika Eleniak Chiller
Erin Gray Chiller
Erin Murphy Chiller
Ernest Borgnine Chiller
Ernest Harden Jr Chiller
Ernest Thomas Chiller
Ernie Hudson East Coast Comic
Esai Morales 58 st
Ethan Embry Monster Mania
Ethan Phillips Star Trek Con
Ethel Merman Americana Hotel
Eugene Levy Essex House
Eva Gabor Essex House
Evel Knievel Essex House
Farrah Fawcett 58 st
Federico Castelluccio Chiller
felipe rose Chiller
Felito Felix MSG concerts
Felix Silla Winter con
Fernando Villalona NJ concert
Flavor Flav Chiller
Forrest Tucker Essex House
Francois clemmons Chiller
Frank Langella 58 st
Frank Perdue Berkshire Hotel
Frank Sivero Chiller
Frank Vincent Chiller
Frank Whaley Eternal ConChiller
Fred Gwynne abc building
Fred Williamson Chiller
French Stewart Chiller
Fyvush Finkel Wedding
Gary Graham Chiller
Gavin MacLeod Dorset Hotel
Gene Barry Essex House
Gene Rayburn Essex House
Geoffrey Holder street 6 ave
Geoffrey Owens Chiller
George Pataki fifth Ave
George Takei Essex House
George Wendt Chiller
George Wyner Chiller
Geraldo Rivera PRDP
Geri Jewell Chiller
Geri Reischl Chiller
Gerri Idol Chiller
Gianni Russo Chiller
Gig Young Essex House
Gigi Edgley Winter con
Gil Gerard Winter con
Gilbert Gottfried Chiller
Gloria Estefan The Barclay
Gloria Steinem 58 st
Grace Lee Whitney Chiller
Greg Mullavey Chiller
Gus Birney Broadway
Gwynyth Walsh Star Trek Con
Hal Linden Chiller
Harold Ramis Essex House
Harry Guardino 58 st
Harry James Americana Hotel
Harry Reasoner 58 st
Harry Waters jr Chiller
Hayley Mills Chiller
Haywood Nelson Chiller
Heather Langenkamp Monster Mania
Heather Thomas Chiller
Hector Camacho lex ave 110 st
Helen Slater Eternal Con
Henny Youngman 58 st & 7
Henry Thomas Chiller
Henry Winkler Big apple Con
Holly Marie Combs Chiller
Howard Hesseman Chiller
Hugh Bonneville B&N
Hugh Carey fifth Ave
Hulk Hogan tampa
Hume Cronyn bway
Ilan Mitchell Smith Chiller
Iris Chacon Essex House
Irving Metzman 6 train 59 st
Ja’net DuBois Chiller
Jack O’Halloran Eternal Con
Jack Weston 7ave
Jackie Martling Chiller
Jackson Bostwick Big apple Con
Jaclyn Smith Essex House
Jake Busey Chiller
Jake Lamotta Chiller
James Darren Chiller
James Hong Monster Mania
James Remar Winter con
James Tolkan Chiller
James Woods Dorset Hotel
Jamie Donnelly Chiller
Jamie Farr Chiller
Jamie Kennedy Chiller
Jamie-Lynn Sigler Chiller
Jan Smithers Chiller
Jane Wiedlin Chiller
Janet Dubois Chiller
Jan-Michael Vincent Chiller
Jared Martin Chiller
Jason Faunt Eternal Con
Jason London Chiller
Jason Miller Dorset Hotel
Jason Priestley Chiller
Jaye P. Morgan 58 st
Jed Rees Chiller
Jeff Kober Chiller
Jeffrey Combs Star Trek Con
Jennifer Carpenter Monster Mania
Jennifer Esposito The Barclay
Jennifer Lopez lex ave 50 st
Jennifer Oneill Chiller
Jenny McCarthy Saks Fifth Ave
Jeri Ryan Star Trek Con
Jerry Lewis Essex House
Jerry Mathers Chiller
Jerry Rivera 7 train
Jessica Simpson Bookends
Jessie T. Usher Eternal Con
Jessie Usher Eternal Con
Jesús Emmanuel Acha Martinez ace awards
JG Hertzler Star Trek Con
Jill Eikenberry Chiller
Jill St.John Chiller
Jill Whelan Chiller
Jim Douglas NBC Building
Jimmy Carter hilton hotel
Joan Collins Chiller
Joan Rivers lex
Joan Van Ark Chiller
Joanna Cassidy Winter con
Joanne Kelly Chiller
Joanne Linville Star Trek Con
Joaquín Galán Pimpinela ace awards
Joe DiMaggio Americana Hotel
Joe Franklin 42 st
Joe Mantegna The Barclay
Joe Pantoliano Chiller
Joe Rubbo Chiller
Joel Osteen BN
Joel Weiss Chiller
Joey Lauren Adams Monster Mania
John Amos Chiller
John Astin Chiller
John Billingsley Star Trek Con
John Candy Berkshire Hotel
John Capodice Chiller
John Considine Chiller
John Cusack lex
John Davidson Chiller
John Diehl Chiller
John Dugan Monster Mania
John Fiedler 58 st
John Glover East Coast Comic
John Gotti Berkshire Hotel
John Huston Essex House
John James 7 ave
John Kapelos Chiller
John Linsey 7 ave
John Lithgow B&N
John Martino Chiller
John O`Hurley Chiller
John Savage Chiller
John Schneider Chiller
John Schuck Chiller
John Stossel lex av
John Ventimiglia Chiller
John Walsh Ellis island
John Wesley Shipp Chiller
Johnny Ventura MSG concerts
Johnson Jay&Bob Chiller
Jon Bauman Chiller
Jon Bernthal Big apple Con
Jon Voight Essex House
Jonathan Frakes Star Trek Con
Jonathan Ke Quan Monster Mania
Jonathan Lipnicki Chiller
Jonathan Schmock Chiller
Jonathan Silverman Chiller
Jonny Fairplay Chiller
Jordan Ladd nj horror fest
Jorge Ramos PRDP
Jose A.Tejeda ace awards
José Ferrer 57 st
Jose José Sosa The Barclay
Joseph Donofrio Chiller
Josh Hamilton Eternal Con
Joshua mikel Chiller
Judge Reinhold Chiller
Judie Aronson Chiller
Judy Collins Chiller
Judy DeAngelis NBC Building
Judy Tenuta Chiller
Julia Benson Chiller
Julia Jones Chiller
Julia Montgomery Chiller
Julia Nickson Chiller
Julian Glover Chiller
Julie Benz Chiller
Julie Montgomery Chiller
Julie Newmar Comic con
Julie Warner Chiller
Juliet Mills Chiller
Julio Iglesias Essex House
Junno Faria Essex House
K Callan Chiller
Karen Allen Chiller
Karen Gravano Chiller
Karen Lynn Gorney Chiller
Karen Valentine The Barclay
Kari Wuhrer Chiller
Karolyn Grimes Chiller
Kate Beckinsale Monster Mania
Kate Mulgrew Star Trek Con
Kathleen Beller Chiller
Kathleen Turner Monster Mania
Kathrine Narducci Chiller
Kathy Najimy Winter con
Katy Jurado ace awards
Ke Huy Quan Monster Mania
Keir Dullea Chiller
Keith Coogan nj horror fest
Keith Thibodeaux Chiller
Kelly Hu Monster Mania
Kelly LeBrock Chiller
Kelly Packard Chiller
Kent McCord Chiller
Keone Young GSCF
Kerri Green nj horror fest
Kevin Dobson Chiller
Kevin Kilner Chiller
Kevin Meany caroline
Kevin Sorbo Chiller
Kevin Thompson nj horror fest
Khary Payton Boro con
Kim Cattrall 92y
Kim Coates Chiller
Kim Field Chiller
Kim Novak Essex House
Kim Richards Chiller
Kimmie Robertson Chiller
Kirk Douglas Dorset Hotel
Konrad Sheehan Chiller
Kristanna Loken Big apple Con
Kristin Bauer van Straten Chiller
Kristy McNicol Chiller
Kyla Kenedy Chiller
La India Linda Viera Caballero colgate
Lainie Kazan Essex House
Lana Wood Chiller
Lance Guest Chiller
Lance Henriksen Monster Mania
Larry B. Scott Chiller
Larry Hagman Chiller
Larry Hankin Chiller
Larry Storch Chiller
Larry Thomas nj horror fest
Larry Wilcox Chiller
Laura Branigan Essex House
Laura Vandervoort Comic con
Lauren Bacall centrel park
Lauren Vélez Broadway
Laurie Holden Comic con
Lawrence Monoson Chiller
Lea Thompson Chiller
Lee Arenberg Chiller
Lee Grant Chiller
Lee Majors Big apple Con
Lee Meriwether Comic con
Lee Purcell Chiller
Leif Garrett Chiller
Leon Isaac Kennedy Chiller
Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Con
Lesley Ann Warren Chiller
Leslie Uggam 58 st
Levar Burton Essex House
Linda Blair abc building
Linda Gray Chiller
Linda Hamilton Comic con
Linda Henning Chiller
Linda Purl Chiller
Lin-Manuel Miranda 200 Cartas
Lisa Jakub Chiller
Lisa Loring nj horror fest
Lisa Whelchel Chiller
Lola Flores MSG concerts
Lolita Flores MSG concerts
Loni Anderson Chiller
Lorenzo Lamas Chiller
Loretta Swit Chiller
Lorraine Bracco Chiller
Lou Diamond Phillips Monster Mania
Lou Ferrigno Chiller
Lou Gossett Jr Chiller
Lou Martini Jr. Chiller
Louie Anderson Berkshire Hotel
Louisa Moritz Chiller
Louise Fletcher Chiller
Louise Lasser Chiller
Louise Sorel Star Trek Con
Lucía Galán Pimpinela ace awards
Lucie Arnaz abc building
Luis Raul 201 cartas
Lyle Waggoner Chiller
Lynda Day George Chiller
Lynne Stewart Monster Mania
Mackenzie Phillips Chiller
Macsen Lintz Chiller
Madison Lintz Chiller
Maggie Siff Polonsky Shakespeare Center
Malachi Throne Star Trek Con
Malcolm-Jamal Warner 56 st
Marc Alaimo Star Trek Con
Margot Kidder Essex House
Mari Santana ace awards
Maria Concita Alonso De Noche Con Iris y Sunshine
Mariana Klaveno Big apple Con
Mariel Hemingway Chiller
Marilu Henner Berkshire Hotel
Marina Sirtis Star Trek Con
Marion Ross Chiller
Marj Dusay Star Trek Con
Mark Furhman Loews hotel
Mark Goddard East Coast Comic
Mark Linn-Baker Chiller
Mark Margolis Chiller
Mark McClure Chiller
Marky Ramone nj horror fest
Marla Gibbs Chiller
Marla Maples fifth Ave
Marsha Mason 18 st
Marta Kristen Chiller
Martin Balsam 58 st
Martin Landau Chiller
Martin Shakar Chiller
Martine Beswick Chiller
Mary Hart 6 ave
Mary Martin Waldorf Astoria ny
Mary McDonnell Comic con
Mason Reese Chiller
Matt Bomer The Barclay
Matt Lauer Saks Fifth Ave
Matthew Broderick 18 st
Matthew Demeritt Chiller
Matthew Lintz Chiller
Maud Adams Chiller
Max Baer Jr. Chiller
Max Gail Chiller
Max Grodénchik Star Trek Con
Mayim Bialik B&N
Mayra Matos Pérez 200 cartas
Meadowlark Lemon Big apple Con
Mel Johnston Jr. Chiller
Melissa Gilbert Chiller
Melody Anderson East Coast Comic
Mena Suvari Monster Mania
Mews Small Chiller
Michael Badalucco Chiller
Michael Beck Winter con
Michael Biehn Chiller
Michael Cole Chiller
Michael Constantine Chiller
Michael Cudlitz Big apple Con
Michael Drs Barres Chiller
Michael Gross Chiller
Michael Learned Chiller
Michael Musto Chiller
Michael Nesmith Chiller
Michael Nouri Chiller
Michael Paré Chiller
Michael Parks Chiller
Michael Rooker Comic con
Michael Tolan 58 st
Michael Tucker Essex House
Michele Greene Chiller
Michele Lee Essex House
Michelle Johnson Chiller
Michelle Scarabelli Chiller
Mickey Rooney Chiller
Mickey Rourke 58 st
Micky Dolenz Chiller
Mike Lookinland Chiller
Mike Starr Chiller
Miles Davis Essex House
Milton Berle Americana Hotel
Mindy Cohn Chiller
Mindy Sterling Chiller
Minnie Driver The Barclay
Miriam Cruz nj
Miriam Silverman Broadway
Missi Pyle Chiller
Monica Steuer 201 cartas
Morena Baccarin Comic con
Morgan Brittany Chiller
Nana Visitor Star Trek Con
Nancy Allen Chiller
Nancy Davis Reagan 7 ave
Nancy Dussault Bway
Natalija Nogulich Star Trek Con
Nelson Ned radio
Nichelle Nichols Star Trek Con
Nicholas Turturro Chiller
Nicolas Coster Essex House
Noah Hathaway Eternal Con
Norman Reedus Chiller
Norman Schwarzkopf ellis.
Oksana Lada 57 st
Ola Ray Chiller
Olga Breeskin ace awards
Olivia d’Abo Chiller
Oscar Isaac Broadway
P.J. Soles nj horror fest
Pam Grier Chiller
Pamela Sue Martin Chiller
Paola Lazaro Eternal Con
Parker Stevenson Chiller
Parry Shen nj horror fest
Pat O’Brien lex
Pat Priest Chiller
Patricia Neal Essex House
Patrick Breen Chiller
Patrick Duffy Essex House
Patrick Stewart Chiller
Patty Duke Chiller
Patty Hearst Essex House
Paul Lieber 7ave
Paul Michael Glaser Chiller
Paul Rubens Monster Mania
Paul Shaffer 6 ave
Paul Sorvino Chiller
paula janis Chiller
Paula Poundstone Dorset Hotel
Pauly Shore Monster Mania
Penny Marshall Chiller
Perry Como Essex House
Peter Bogdanovich Chiller
Peter Criss nj
Peter Falk 58 st
Peter Fonda Chiller
Peter Jason Chiller
Peter Riegert Chiller
Peter Scolari Chiller
Peter Tork Chiller
Peter Weller Monster Mania
Phil Foster 58 st
Pia Zadora abc building
Piper Laurie Chiller
Polito Vega radio
Pollyanna McIntosh Monster Mania
Priscilla Barnes Chiller
Priscilla Presley Chiller
Rachel Brosnahan Broadway
Rachel True Monster Mania
Rae Dawn Chong Chiller
Rafael Jose Madison square garden concerts
Rain Pryor Chiller
Ralph Carter Chiller
Ralph Macchio nj horror fest
Ralph Mercado MSG concerts
Randall Kleiser Chiller
Randolph A. Hearst Essex House
Randy Mantooth Chiller
Raphael Nash Thompson Broadway
Raquel Welch rosie o
Raul Julia PRnn
Ray Barretto ace awards
Ray Dariano NBC Building
Regis Philbin Essex House
Rene Auberjonois Star Trek Con
Ric Flair Winter con
Richard Anderson Comic con
Richard Arnold Star Trek Con
Richard Chamberlain Chiller
Richard Dean Anderson Chiller
Richard Dreyfus Chiller
Richard Edson Chiller
Richard Herd Chiller
Richard Karn Chiller
Richard Masur Chiller
Richard Roundtree Chiller
Richard Thomas Chiller
Richard Tyson Chiller
Rick Fox The Barclay
Rip Taylor 7 ave
Rip Torn Chiller
Rob Schneider Chiller
Robby Benson Chiller
Robert Carradine Chiller
Robert Costanzo Chiller
Robert Duncan McNeill Chiller
Robert Duvall 7ave
Robert Englund Monster Mania
Robert Guillaume 7 ave
Robert Hays Chiller
Robert Iler Chiller
Robert Knepper Chiller
Robert Loggia Chiller
Robert MacNaughton Monster Mania
Robert O’Reilly Star Trek Con
Robert Pine Chiller
Robert Reed 7 ave
Robert Wagner Chiller
Robert Wuhl Chiller
Roberto Durán 58 ave
Robin Curtis Star Trek Con
Robin Williams abc building
Rochelle Davis Chiller
Rocío Jurado ace awards
Rodney Dangerfield Berkshire Hotel
Ron Ely Chiller
Ron Jeremy Chiller
Ron Perlman Monster Mania
Ronald Reagan 7 ave
Rose McGowan B&N
Rosie O’Donnell NBC Building
Rosie Perez 92nd Y
Rosita Velazquez ace awards
Ross Brittain abc building
Roxann Dawson stm
Rubén Blades Museo del Barro
Rupert Boneham Comic con
Rutger Hauer Winter con
Ruth Fernández PRnn
Ruth Gordon Bway
Ruth Westheimer Dr. 6 ave
Ryan Hurst Eternal Con
Sal Sirchia Chiller
Sally Fields B&N
Sally Kellerman Chiller
Sam Donaldson 6 train
Sam J. Jones East Coast Comic
Samantha Fox Chiller
Sami Gayle The Barclay
Sammy Davis Jr. Essex House
Sarah Douglas Eternal Con
Sarah Jessica Parker Ana wine
Sarah Snook The Barclay
Saul Rubinek Comic con
Saundra Santiago Chiller
Scott Baio Chiller
Scott Ian Chiller
Scott Wilson Chiller
Scotty Schwartz Chiller
Sean Astin Chiller
Sean Kenney Star Trek Con
Sean Patrick Flanery Chiller
Sean Whalen NJhc
Sean Young Winter con
Seth Gilliam Eternal Con
Shannon Elizabeth Chiller
Shari Lewis Essex House
Sharon Gless The Barclay
Shawn Micheals Essex House
Sheree J. Wilson Chiller
Shirley Jones Chiller
Sid Haig Monster Mania
Skeet Ulrich Monster Mania
Sofia Milos Chiller
Soupy Sales abc building
Stanley Livingston Chiller
Stanley Tucci lex
Stefanie Powers Chiller
Stepfanie Kramer Chiller
Stephen Macht Chiller
Stephen McHattie Monster Mania
Stephen Rea 7 train 59 st
Stephen Tobolowsky Chiller
Steve Dunleavy essex House
Steve Guttenberg Chiller
Steve Railsback Chiller
Steven Bauer Chiller
Steven Yeun Monster Mania
Sue Simmons essex House
Summer Glau nj horror fest
Sunshine Emmanuel Logroño De Noche Con Iris y Sunshine
Susan Buckner Chiller
Susan Flanney Essex House
Susan Olsen Chiller
Susan Ruttan Chiller
Suzann Anton 60 st
Suzanna Leigh Chiller
Suzanne Snyder nj horror fest
Suzie Plakson Star Trek Con
Sybil Danning Chiller
Sylvester Stallone The Barclay
T.K. Carter Chiller
Tahnee Welch Chiller
Taimak Guarriello Big apple Con
Tami Stronach Eternal Con
Tara Dawn Christensen The Barclay
Tara Reid Monster Mania
Taral Hicks Chiller
Tavin Pumarejo PRnn
Tawny Kitaen nj horror fest
Taylor Dayne Chiller
Ted Bessell 58 st
Ted Lange Berkshire Hotel
Ted McGinley Chiller
Telly Savalas Americana Hotel
Terry Farrell Chiller
Terry Kiser Chiller
Tessa Richarde Chiller
Theresa Russell Chiller
Thom Christopher Winter con
Thomas Waites Eternal Con
Tia Carrere Chiller
Tiffani Thiessen B&N
Tiffany Shepis Monster Mania
Tim Curry Chiller
Tim Dekay The Barclay
Tim Matheson Chiller
Tim Reid Chiller
Tim Russ Star Trek Con
Timothy Busfield Chiller
Timothy Busfield
Timothy Cardinal Dolan Madison ave
Tito Puente radio
Todd Bridges Chiller
Todd Stashwick Eternal Con
Tom Atkins Chiller
Tom Berenger Chiller
Tom Felton Comic con
Tom Hanks B&N
Tom Noonan Chiller
Tom Payne Chiller
Tom Sizemore Chiller
Tom Skerritt Winter con 19
Tom Wopat Chiller
Tommy Lasorda Barclay
Tony Amendola Chiller
Tony Croatto ace awards
Tony Danza Chiller
Tony Darrow Chiller
Tony Dow Chiller
Tony Lo Bianco Chiller
Tony Orlando Chiller
Tony Randall 7 train
Tony Todd East Coast Comic
Tracey Gold Chiller
Traci Lords Chiller
Tsugutoshi Komada Chiller
Udo Kier Chiller
Val Kilmer Monster Mania
Valerie Bertinelli home depot
Valerie Harper Chiller
Valerie Perrine Chiller
Vanessa Marcil Chiller
Vanity Matthews Essex House
Vendela Kirsebom The Barclay
Verne Troyer Chiller
Vernon Wells Chiller
Veronica Cartwright Winter con 19
Vicent Curatola Chiller
Vickie LaMotta Essex House
Vincent Pastore Chiller
Virginia Madsen Chiller
Vivica A. Fox Monster Mania
Vncent Curatola Chiller
Walter Koenig Chiller
Walter Mercado photo shot
Wanda Velez Winter con
Waylon Jennings rosie o
Weird Al Yankovic Chiller
Werner Klemperer Essex House
Whoopi Goldberg BookRevue
Wilford Brimley Chiller
Wilfrido Vargas madison
Will Estes The Barclay
William B. Davis Chiller
William Fichter Chiller
William Forsythe Chiller
William Katt Chiller
William McNamara Chiller
William Sanderson Chiller
William Shatner Star Trek Con
Willie Aames Chiller
Willie Colon ace awards
Willie Mays Dorset Hotel
Willie Tyler and Lester Chiller
Willy Chirino madison
Winifred Freedman Chiller
Xander Berkeley Chiller
Xenia Seeberg Winter con
Yancy Butler Big apple Con
Yomo Toro radio
Yvonne Elliman Chiller
Zach Galligan Monster Mania
Zero Mostel 7ave

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